Review - Woven Symbols Global Patterns

by - Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sara Goodman (left) and Mary Zicafoose (right) with the Goodweave Project.

On Wednesday September 6th Sara Goodman and Mary Zicafoose presented a joint lecture titled Woven symbols Global Patterns. It was a brilliant opening to the 2017 lecture series. Sara spoke about the GoodWeave Foundation and the remarkable work being done with symplocos - a plant based mordant (also known as a bioaccumulator of alum).

Sara was well matched by Mary who had the audience enthralled from the moment of her opening comments. Few lectures have carried the inspirational punch that Mary delivered on opening night. Mary has generously permitted us to quote from her talk and we selected her concluding remarks. Here they are:

In our field there is a mighty lust over materials; a love affair with the very sculptural form of our equipment. And fierce battles are fought over the political correctness of scale and the definition of self in relationship to technique. 

We must remember that the over and under manipulation of individual fibres into cloth is neither a heroic nor is it a precious activity. It is a simple repetitive process, which when plied with intention, artistic vision, and inspired craftsmanship becomes the agent for textile objects of legend. 

So, in closing tonight I must emphasize that creative work, your creative work, is not a selfish act, or a bid for attention, it is a vitally important gift to the world and every being in it. your unique personal voice exists to inspire and nudge the human race one millimetre further along on its path. 

Don’t undermine your gifts. Whether they are behind a loom, a laptop, a garden, or a soup kettle. Don’t hold back your vision. Don't cheat the world of your unique contribution. Create the life and the body of work that you and only you were born to make. Unabashedly. With not one apology, excuse, or bow to conformity. The clock is ticking and it is just time for all of us to do it. 

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  1. Mary's remarks were just what I needed to read this morning. I hope everyone takes them to heart. They are spirit enhancing. Thank you.


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