Review - Sophena's Indigo Social with Special Guests

by - Monday, September 25, 2017

Sophena Kwon demonstrates shibori techniques with master ajrakh block printers Jabbar and Adam Khatri.
On Saturday September 23rd Sophena Kwon presented a very special version of her enormously successful Indigo Social. In addition to the shaped resist techniques taught by Sophena, each participant received a square of cloth prepared with the preliminary printing of an ajrakh cloth. Jabbar Khatri and his son Adam personally manned their natural fermentation indigo vats and hand dipped the squares of cloth.

It was a memorable evening filled with the magic of indigo and the excitement of the reveal - as people untied and opened their finished pieces after dyeing.

Adam (left) and Jabbar (right) dipping student's cloth in the natural date vat.

Participants outside Maiwa East where they rinsed and opened their finished pieces.

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