Workshop: Pattern-Drafting: Custom Fit Trousers

by - Friday, November 20, 2015

Registration opens December 7th at 10am
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2016 Maiwa Spring Workshops
Workshop: Pattern-Drafting: Custom Fit Trousers
Sheila Wong

$650 includes $40 lab fee
May 7, 8, 9, & May 28, 29, 30, 31 - Class Limit 8
Maiwa Loft: Above the Net Loft, Granville Is. Vancouver BC

In this workshop students will turn their pattern-drafting skills to custom-fit a pair of trousers. Pants and trousers, especially on women, are a test of the pattern drafter’s skill. It is a rare instructor that can lead students through the complete process with full consideration of how altering one measurement will impact every aspect of the garment. Fortunately students will be in the capable hands of Sheila Wong whose infectious enthusiasm for pattern-drafting is communicated to the class.

Students will begin with measurements and the creation of a trouser block. A toile (fit sample) will be made, fitted, and adjusted as needed. From here the class will progress to patterndraft fly zippers, slash pockets, waistbands, belt loops, and a variety of seams. Students will learn to create professional patterns with grain-lines, titles, notches, and darts. From patterns, students will move to constructing a pair of trousers.

This is a seven-day class, broken into two sessions. There is a generous break after the first session, during which students will be expected to work on projects. They will benefit from bringing  work and questions back to the final stage of the workshop.

This is an advanced workshop. Students must have already taken the Pattern-Drafting: Make Your Own Blocks workshop or have a strong understanding of patterns. It is not necessary to have experience with pants.

Students are encouraged to bring and learn on their own machines (this workshop requires a working zipper foot). In situations where this is not possible, Maiwa has a limited number of machines that can be reserved prior to the workshop. Basic supplies will be provided; however students will be required to purchase materials (fabric, interfacing, zipper, matching thread, and hardware). A supply list will be given at registration with woven fabric recommendations.

Instructor Bio

The fashion industry thrives on creativity, diversity and innovation. 

The same 3 concepts can be used to describe Sheila Wong Fashion Design Studio, or SWFDS as it is more commonly known in the Vancouver fashion circuit. The company, founded by Sheila Wong, who herself is a walking example of diversity (being French-Chinese Canadian), helps develop all aspects of fashion design, whether it be skills, creativity, marketing or simply making the numbers work.

Sheila Wong started showing interest in design at a very young age. While other teenagers aspired to be models on a runway, she was much more interested in the garments and accessories that made the models shine.  At the age of 18 she started her first company designing outfits and managing dance performers at music festivals in her home town of Calgary, Alberta. She knew she had found her passion the first time she saw her designs showcased in front of a large energetic crowd.

But ideas and talent don’t always guarantee success, so Sheila made sure she was ready to tackle whatever obstacles the industry might have. She first completed a Bachelors of Applied Business and Entrepreneurship Degree at Mount Royal University, with a focus on International Business. She then went on to obtain her Fashion Design Diploma from Vancouver’s own Blanche Macdonald Fashion Design Center. It was here that she fine tuned her skills and developed her ideas. Her time at Blanche Macdonald allowed her to shine in front of her peers and industry professionals, earning her the Design Portfolio of the Year award. After years of making sure she had the education to support her goals, she sought real-world experience, taking on positions like Studio Assistant at the Fashion Exchange building, Production Manager at clothing retailer Aritzia, and even instructing at Blanche Macdonald Fashion Center and Vancouver Community College in the Fashion Design programs. 

What truly makes Sheila Wong stand out in the industry, however, is her desire to help other artists succeed. Sheila loves collaborating with other designers and artisans, and has this to say to anyone who has ever wanted to see their own name on a piece of clothing: 

“Anyone can design and construct a garment, you just need the right amount of guidance and motivation. My goal is to help inspire people to create beautiful things. If you are passionate and driven, there is no reason why you cannot be creative every day.”

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