Fabric of India - The Book

by - Friday, November 13, 2015

If you can't make it to the V&A's Fabric of India Exhibition, you may wish to take the tour through the 248 page hardcover book of the same name.

We've posted a full review of the book here, which ties together the book, the exhibition, a little bit of the history of the Victoria and Albert Museum, and some questions for the future of artisan-designer relations.

For many the Fabric of India book will rival the exhibition as it has additional textiles and wealth of supporting text that is not found in the exhibition. The only thing it cannot do is let you gaze upon the actual objects to catch the glint of the fibres and the drape of the cloth. The text is punctuated by a series of "objects in focus" sections which highlight pieces of historical importance, including the Kashmir map shawl, Tipu Sultan’s tent, a remarkable 18th-century temple hanging from South India and many more.

We have a few copies of the book available for sale in the Maiwa stores and in our online store. Again for our European readers, it may be best to purchase it from the V&A bookstore.

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