Chad Alice Hagen Takes Through a Bookmaker's Story

by - Thursday, October 29, 2015

Chad Alice Hagen talks felting, cats, books, and life.

On Wednesday October 28th Chad Alice Hagen gave a spirited and lively run through her life in craft. From her art-school inspirations and large-scale felted works to her career shift into bookmaking and her longstanding delight in pattern, colour and creativity.

The evening was introduced by Liberty Erickson — we are happy to reproduce it here.

Liberty Erickson
Hello everyone, and welcome to this evenings lecture. Tonight we get a glimpse into the wonderful world of Chad Alice Hagen.

Chad has been a felt maker since 1979, a resist dyer since 1985 and a book maker since 2005. She is the author of 3 books about felting  and her work has appeared on the covers of Surface Design Journal, Fiberarts, and Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot.  She holds a BA and MA from the university of Wisconsin and teaches extensively through out the US and Europe. We are happy to welcome her here to Vancouver for tonigh'ts talk and this weekend's workshops "Resist Felting" and "Books with a twist." 

Stepping into the world of Chad Alice Hagen is like stepping into a chapter of Alice in Wonderland. Only in this case it is Chad Alice in Wonderland.

Her felted works are FULL of vibrant colors, delicious textures, and weird and wonderful shapes. Her books seem to have a life all their own and practically dance right out of their own pages ... dancing no doubt,  towards a mad-hatter's tea party.

Waiting for that next clean cup and next new adventure, I imagine Chad Alice Hagen sitting at the head of this tea party table with her deaf cat Leon (a chashire cat no doubt) there she conducts the magic of her creations and becomes like a maestro to those of us that wish to follow her down that wonderful dark rabbit hole of life.

Yet she assures us that there IS light way down there—but also a hell of a lot of doors and windows to look into on the way.

So tonight we will take an adventure with a woman who is ever evolving and full of imagination to take a peek into those doors and windows of her life and her work, and, perhaps by the end, have opened some doors and windows of our own ...

Please welcome Chad Alice Hagen.

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  1. Is there a way to access the talk by Chad Alice Hagen? It would be interesting to hear or read.

  2. Wonderful introduction to a no doubt fascinating talk!


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