Barbara Todd - One Day Tells Its Tale To Another

by - Tuesday, October 06, 2015

On October 5, 2015, Barbara Todd delivered her lecture, "Stone Drawings and Quilted Lines" or "One Day Tells Its Tale To Another." The title was apt for an artist who has enjoyed a long and varied career working in multiple media.

As an example of just one work, Barbara created a collection of stones gathered from Lake Huron, placed them on her light table and photographed them. She then paired the arrangements with text. The results can be seen on a dedicated web site:

The texts range from quotations to the quotidian and the simplicity of the rock imagery formed the basis for future works including Stone Drawings. More information on Barbara Todd and these works can be found on her website:

The evening was introduced by Salt Spring artist and weaving instructor Jane Stafford, well known as the force behind Jane Stafford Textiles. Together with Barbara Todd, Jane spent her formative years as an artist at the Banff Centre for the Arts.

 The Maiwa Symposium will break for Canadian Thanksgiving. When we return next week it will be to Sue Benner's lecture The Working Path on October 13th. Shortly after that the Quilters of Gee's Bend arrive with artist and musician Lonnie Holley.

Charllotte Kwon's lecture Return to Jawaja on October 29th is almost sold out. She recently shot new and very colourful footage of this traditional leather-working community. To avoid disappointment get your tickets soon. For this event only the Maiwa Store holds a sale as a fundraiser for the Maiwa Foundation. Everything in the Main store is 20% off with all funds going straight to the foundation.

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