Workshop - Adire Tie and Dye

by - Wednesday, May 07, 2014

[2014 Symposium registration opens June 23 at 10am.]

2014 Maiwa Textile Symposium
Workshop Adire Tie and Dye
Gasali Adeyemo

$350 includes 75 lab fee
October 22, 23, 24 - Class Limit 14
Maiwa East: 1310 Odlum Drive, Vancouver BC

Join Gasali Adeyemo as he teaches the traditional Yoruba techniques of adire oniko (tied resist). In this class he will focus on folding, patterning, and the techniques used to create a tied resist with raffia. The resisted piece will be dyed with indigo using traditional methods. 

There are a few different raffia tie-dye techniques. One is a stitch resist where the design is made using a needle to stitch the raffia into the fabric. Another is tied by hand using raffia to create designs. Gasali will teach the students both tie-dye techniques as well as how to dye the fabric and remove the raffia.

Gasali will also explain the importance of indigo and tie-dye to both himself and his culture. Learn the meanings behind the designs of this distinctive African cloth.

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