Event - Sound of Nature - Kyoko Ueda and Noriko Narahira

by - Friday, May 16, 2014

[2014 Symposium registration opens June 23 at 10am.]

2014 Maiwa Textile Symposium
Event - Sound of Nature - Kyoko Ueda and Noriko Narahira 

October 17 6-8pm.
Silk Weaving Studio
Please RSVP to Maiwa (604) 669-3939
or Silk Weaving Studio (604) 687-7455

Kyoko Ueda works through layering silk gauze. Her expressions, created through multiple layers of thin fabrics, create a profoundness that causes one to fixate on the fabric. It can be said that these are the traces of her days—layered over each other. 

Noriko Narahira sensitively constructs fabrics that have an ethereal, otherworldly presence. The emotional impact of these works connects directly with viewers, many of whom have a profound reaction in the presence of the work. 

Join us for a joint exhibition of these two remarkable artists at the Silk Weaving Studio.

Exhibition runs October 17–26

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