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by - Wednesday, April 02, 2014

These are just some of the cabinets at Maiwa East.
We have many rows of cabinets in our warehouse space. Each piece is unique. Some are old, some are remade from salvaged hardwoods. All have personality. 

A small one-shelf cabinet with two glass doors.
This one has acquired much character as its three layers of paint wore away. 
It is a cheerful addition to any space. Aprox 24" x 12" x 20" $399.00

 Solid teak cabinet with two doors. 
Aprox 4'6" tall, 28" wide 12" deep. $649.00

  An elegant and sophisticated cabinet. 
4 shelves, two doors. each with two windows. 
Aprox 5'10" tall 24" wide, 12" deep.  $699.00

A fantastic cabinet with blue-mauve paint. 
It would fit niecly into Frieda Kahlo's room. 
Aprox 4' tall 28" wide and 10" deep. $649.00 

 This unusual piece has a lovely interior patina. 
The back of the cabinet is made from a salvaged sheet-metal road sign. 
Turned feet set this piece apart. Aprox 5'3" tall, 28" wide 10" deep. $699.00

A beautiful, dark, solid-wood dresser. 4 voluminous drawers. 
The detailing on this piece harkens back to another era. 
Aprox 36" tall x 36" wide by 15" deep. $699.00

Another painterly piece. 
Two shelves, one door with two glass windows. 
Aprox 28" tall, 15" wide and 15" deep. $399.00

Maiwa East

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