The Measure of All Things ...

by - Thursday, April 17, 2014

The first items from our 2014 visit to India ...
have just arrived. 

Above, a set of old brass market scales. The balance beam is approximately 2 feet long. These scales would have been used to weigh produce or anything else you might find in a public market. $249.00.

Below left, A set of market scales with bowls. The beam on this set is approximately 18 inches. $149.00. Below right a set of market scales with a cast iron beam. Beam length approximately 24 inches. $199.00.

Under these scales are some cast iron weights. These have seen a lifetime of use and are stamped with the location of the foundry where they were made. These weights are various sizes and range from $19 - $89.

Below, one of the most fascinating items we've ever seen. A heated tiffin carrier. The top of the main canister contains a stack of four tiffin pots. The bottom compartment has a hinged door that can be opened to reveal a drawer that would be filled with live coals. The top container is sealed and so could have water added to make a kind of travelling steam table. The wooden handles of this unit have a nice used feeling and the entire set-up is a marvel of fitted brass. The top cover has an indication of where the unit was made. Not presently food safe. $549.00

Maiwa East is an eclectic collection of furniture, found objects, antiques, and architectural pieces from India. It also features a limited selection of Maiwa's famous textiles. 

Drop by and see what we have for you.

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10am - 5 pm
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1310 Odlum Drive
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