EVENT John Gillow - African Textiles

by - Thursday, May 02, 2013

Registration opens June 24 at 10am.

2013 Maiwa Textile Symposium
Event African Textiles
John Gillow

7:45 (Doors open at 7:30) $15
Thursday September 26, 2013
Net Loft: Granville Is. Vancouver BC

Every year John travels to different parts of Africa to collect and research traditional textiles. In the west, in Nigeria and the Francophone countries, are the superlative indigo dyed textiles, made with stitched and paste resist. Nearby are the stunning stripweaves of Ghana and its neighbours. In Central Africa, he finds Ndop indigo cloth, beadwork, and the fantastic head-wear of Cameroon as well as the classically abstract Kuba raffia weavings and embroidery.  In the north are fine weavings in wool and silk, exquisite costumes, and intricate metal-thread work. 

His vast collection and knowledge appear in the book African Textiles: Colour and Creativity Across a Continent published by Thames and Hudson. John joins us from his home in Cambridge, UK.

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