Reviews: Sibella Court, Barbara Shapiro, Blue Alchemy

by - Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stylist Sibella Court fields question at the "Still Life with Stylist" Lecture

Last night the Net Loft was sold out as Sibella Court presented some insight into her nature as a bowerbird. North american audiences might not know this bird, but it is famous for its habit of collecting objects of a particular colour. Different types of bowerbird will collect different colours. It is also the title of her latest title (available in our stores, or by phone, not yet available online). We have managed to get Canadian distribution rights to Sibella's books (no easy task). We now have all her books in stock ".etc" should be arriving in the next few days. Please visit our store or call 604 669 3939 to get your copy.

The cover Sibella Court's latest book.
The Vancouver audience gave Sibella a warm reception and we were proud to be the hosts of her Canadian Debut. Sibella, who has an insatiable desire to collect objects with character, said that often visitors to her store The Society Inc. point to it (and her books) as a kind of licence to hold onto their own stacks of ephemera. "Even in my own space," Sibella said, "my staff sometimes think we need to clean up and trim down a bit. But the next time that they say that, I'm going to show them a photo of the Maiwa Loft."

October 15th was a journey through the textile art of Barbara Shapiro. The audience followed the many branches of her remarkable career as it went from traditional two-dimentional weavings into three-dimensional forms. Chief among these have been baskets and her repairs to hand-turned wooden vessels. After a pivotal meeting with Michel Garcia in 2008, Barbara has also developed a "greener indigo" technique which she has used to great effect in her work.

Barbara Shapiro speaking at her lecture "Change is Good."

October 10th was a chance to see a Maiwa event up on the big Marquee ...

Blue Alchemy up on the marquee at Fifth Avenue Cinemas.

Mary Lance's indigo documentary BLUE ALCHEMY had its British Columbia premier at the Fifth Avenue Cinemas. There were glasses of wine (like all the Maiwa events) and popcorn. Mary answered questions about making of the film. She felt as if she had come full circle for the screening, as the work on her documentary began with an interview of Jenny Balfour-Paul in Charllotte Kwon's living room during the 2005 Maiwa Textile Symposium.

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