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2011 Maiwa Textile Symposium Workshop
Ilze Aviks
(Maiwa Loft - Net Loft Granville Is.)
$195 (Includes $30 Lab Fee)    Two full days - Class Limit 14 
 September 10 - 11 (Sat - Sun) 10am - 4pm

lze Aviks arrives from Durango, Colorado, to teach this two-day exploration of stitching. From poetic calligraphic lines to fields of vivid marks, stitching can be as personal and expressive as your own handwriting.

In this workshop students will use crayon transfer, fabric collage, and simple stitches to create a series of small studies examining the powerful relationship of stitched mark and cloth.

Stitch without hesitation as we explore repetition, layering, density, and attaching as pathways to discovering a new visual language. Each day students will be guided through several exercises to help them focus on exploration and technique—studies will emphasize intuition and spontaneity.

Non-textile artists are welcome, no previous stitching experience required.

Ilze Aviks

has maintained a studio in Durango, Colorado, for over 30 years. During the last 15 years she has taught Studio and Art Theory courses at Fort Lewis College and has been a Visiting Artist at many universities. She has conducted workshops in the U. S., Canada, and Australia.

Aviks has contributed essays and reviews to Fibrearts, Surface Design Journal, and Telos Publications.

Articles featuring Ilze Aviks’ work can be found in Fibrearts Design, Fibrearts, SDA Gallery Issue, Contemporary Quilt Art by Kate Lenkowsky, Shuttle Spindle Dyepot, Australian Threads, American Craft, and Surface Design Journal.

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