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2011 Maiwa Textile Symposium Workshop
Sivia Harding
(Maiwa East - 1310 Odlum Dr.)
$175 (Includes $40 Lab Fee)    Two full days - Class Limit 14
September 24 - 25 (Sat - Sun) 10am - 4pm

In this workshop knitting mentor Sivia Harding gives students the tools they need to access their inner designer. Under her gentle and supportive guidance, students will learn to design their own top-down triangle shawl.

The class will examine the structure of the basic top-down triangle shawl and insert their choice of lace patterns to create an original design, with an eye to shaping, esthetics, and flow. Charting patterns, shaping lace in pattern, modulating from one pattern to another, and choosing types of edgings will be discussed.

This is a wonderful opportunity to work directly with an instructor who has years of experience in designing innovative lace shawls and exceptional beaded lace. Sivia will share her perspective on lace knitting, working with beads, and finessing the lace.

This workshop is the perfect blend of lace design skills, inspiration and discovery.

Sivia Harding

Sivia Harding says knitted lace is her first and enduring love. As a teacher, Sivia appeals to the creative spirit, and few can remain untouched by her verve and passion for her subjects. In her classes, technique, though important, is a means to an end, which is always the delight of following the joyful knitting muse wherever it may lead.

Sivia’s classes and workshops are often built around making a particular project, but only as a jumping off place for discussions on all sorts of related knitterly things. Students will often find themselves inspired to experiment outside the realm of the original project, sometimes coming up with highly original designs of their own as a result.

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