Maiwa Featured in the Vancouver Sun

by - Wednesday, December 01, 2010

On Saturday November 27th, Kim Davis in a special to the Vancouver Sun featured an interview with Charllotte Kwon, founder of Maiwa Handprints.

"Walking through any of the Maiwa Handprints stores is like stepping into a different world. Rich with layered colours and textures, a palatable sense of tradition and old-world craftsmanship, the spaces offer customers a sensorial feast."

Read the entire story in the Saturday Vancouver sun or online here.
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Maiwa on Facebook

The greatest social network we know is India. Information can travel from one side of the subcontinent to the other so quickly that we often find someone telling us what we are doing before we decide ourselves. Of course there is that other social network - the internet - and we have started to use it to promote Maiwa and the artisans we work with. We've launched a facebook page, so check us out online.

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