Hand-print your own wrapping paper with carved wooden blocks

by - Friday, December 17, 2010

Make any gift unique with creative (and extremely easy) blockprinting.
It is very good timing ... we have just received a new shipment of hand-carved wooden printing blocks from India. These are the same hardwood blocks that are used for the traditional Ajrakh and Dabu blockprinting techniques. They also make wonderful designs on paper, and can be used to customize christmas wrap. Here's a walk-through of the process.

This is all you will need to print your own wrapping paper for Christmas:

-a beautifully handcarved teak wood printing block
-pebeo opaque paint in your favorite colour
-a foam roller
-any recycled paper (ie - old paper bags cut up, newspaper, used wrapping paper that needs a little customizing).

Pour your paint out.

Cover your roller completely with paint.

Apply the paint evenly across the whole surface of your block.

Position your block and press firmly down on the handle.

VOILA!! the first print.

Try experimenting with repeating your block across the whole surface.

Continue matching the edges to make a repeating pattern.

Your customized wrapping paper is complete.

Other ideas? Hit us in the comments section.

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