The Spinning Lexicon, Wild Colour Revised

by - Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Spinner 1873
William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Some of you linguaphiles may already know A Word A Day - The daily e-mail giving an unusual word, its etymology and definition. This week the words have been related to spinning and are very interesting. Here is a set of links to the week's words.


Jenny Dean's Wild Colour Reissued.

This classic book on natural dye use has started many fibre artists on their journey. It has been out of print for a number of years. Used copies consistently fetched high prices on Ebay. Now we are happy to report that the UK edition has just been launched with the North American Edition to be released in November.

Jenny gives full details of the reissue as well as information on any differences between editions on her blog. She also give some background on the publication process and the requests of editors on both sides of the ocean. Check it out here. Maiwa has copies on order. When they arrive they will be available in our stores and online.

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