Jenny Dean's Wild Colour

by - Friday, June 12, 2009

The original book was published almost ten years ago. Since then WILD COLOUR has been an inspiration to those wanting to take the plunge - and start natural dyeing. It has also been a friendly and accessible reference to those who fire up the burners under the dye pots on a regular basis. Sadly it has been out of print for years and its popularity has ensured used prices of around the $100 dollar mark.

Luckily for us, Jenny started a blog last October. Wild Colour is just about the best natural dye blog we've seen. With sections on her natural dye garden, inspiration, musings and much more. Curious about a cold alum mordant? Wondering what shades you might get from fungi? Or interested in Jenny's dye tips and recipes? Its all here, illustrated with beautiful photos and written in Jenny's engaged and delightful style.

Publishers can be slow. Here at Maiwa we've offered to place a substantial order of Jenny's book Wild Colour if it will help speed up the reprint process. It would be difficult to overstate the influence of this book. But while we all wait for a new edition it is good to know that the blogosphere has helped deliver the wild colours.

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  1. I've put up a Wild Colour page on Facebook to see if we can build up a fan base for a reprinting. If you search for Wild Colour, you should find it.


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