Wild Fibers in Ethiopia

by - Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The new issue of Wild Fibers has just hit the stands. This one contains the story of the Maiwa Foundation's experiences in Ethiopia conducting workshops in the Sabahar silk garden. The Foundation was able to share some of its natural dye knowledge through Charllotte Kwon, who spent two weeks working in the Sabahar dye-room reviewing procedures and recipes and teaching new techniques. We also made a trip into rural Africa where we encountered Saturday markets and memorably dangerous roads.

It was an important time for us - expanding our knowledge of eri silk and Ethiopian cotton, getting a chance to work with Ethiopian spinners and weavers, and meeting Kathy Marshall - the woman who founded Sabahar.

This issue also contains a cover story on Robari shepards. We carry the embroidery of highly skilled Robari women who we work with through the KMVS cooperative. We've added this issue to our online store and you can get a copy here.

For more information, or to get a subscription please visit the Wild Fibers Website.

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