Thr3fold hits Vancouver

by - Saturday, June 26, 2010

It was a full house on Thursday evening as we welcomed the founders of Thr3fold: The Journal of Creative Vision. Pictured above (L-R): Linda Kemshall, Catherine Nicholls, Laura Kemshall, and Maiwa Owner Charllotte Kwon. The trio gave a visual presentation which outlined each one's creative background and their unique approach to quilt-making, journaling and surface design. The group works from a set of challenges. It would be thrilling enough to see the results that each of the three artsist produce to meet the challenge, but there is an added dimension that results from the juxtaposition of similar ideas interpreted three ways.

The three work within the overarching project of a series of books: the Thr3fold Journal. It inspires them and is the collaborative space that has brought them together across oceans and continents. The journal works as an exhibition space, that feeds their art just as their art feeds the publication. On Thursday they launched issue number five which focuses on the face. An exhibit pieces featured in issue #5 is on at Fibreworks Studio on the Sunshine Coast of BC until August 1, 2010.

Issue #5, #4 and #3 are available in the Maiwa stores and our Online Store. The books are lush, beautifully printed in the UK and contain a multimedia CD.

The audience had the pleasure of inspecting the artist's journals which were on hand. They were a perfect compliment to the large format quilts which were hanging at the opening.

7 pieces were generously donated by the group to the Maiwa Foundation for auction, including the only piece that all three had worked on directly. The bidding went quickly and the items raised $2050. Here Catherine Nicholls tours the room with a quilt and below, Maiwa's Anne Babchuk shows off one of the works for auction. Comments are welcome.

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