See Maiwa's Handwoven, Naturally Dyed Yardage — The same fabric we use in our clothing – available to you!

by - Tuesday, January 24, 2023


We've spent years developing this handwoven fabric. We encouraged the famously talented Bengal weavers to return to natural dyes. They accepted the challenge - combining dyeing skills with their hereditary talents in transforming thread into cloth.

We are proud to offer the same cloth that we use in our clothing to you for use in your projects. These are remarkable fabrics with character and personality, to hold the warp and weft between finger and thumb is to understand the richness that a culture of cloth can create.

The perfect pattern for Maiwa's yardage.
Now with extended sizing in select patterns.

To our U.S. customers – don't forget that the exchange rate works in your favour, it's like an extra discount.

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