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by - Tuesday, July 26, 2022

AUGUST 15th 2022



Each week running up to our August 15th registration opening, Maiwa will announce one of our documentary videos as a free lesson. This is just one more aspect of our encouragement of  natural dyes and traditional crafts.

This week's documentary is:

60 Minute documentary video. 2004. 

There is a village just outside Calcutta, India, where every family has a hand loom. As you pass the houses, the air is pierced by the “clack clack clack” of flying shuttles. In the family courtyards, threads are starched, warps are prepared, and bolts of finished cloth are evaluated with discerning eyes. In an age when cloth manufacture is dominated by computer-driven industrial mills, what are the virtues of hand weaving? What is the magic of the hand-loomed cloth? This is our second feature-length documentary film on craft. Here you will find works of great beauty and skill, ingenious variations, and delicate figures. Shot in rural locations in Africa, Laos, Indonesia, India, and Pakistan, this documentary takes you to the world of looms, weaves, and artisans.

Directed by Charllotte Kwon. Written by Charllotte Kwon and Tim McLaughlin, edited by Tim McLaughlin. 




This groundbreaking workshop will lead students through a number of projects on silk, cotton, linen, wool, and paper. Through contact printing, immersion baths, bundling and binding techniques, and the magic of indigo, this workshop will explore new, uncharted territory on textiles.
38 evocative instructional videos with written instructions and downloadable PDF's.
Work with 7 unique immersion baths including indigo.

Learn a variety of binding techniques including clamp, wrap, and shaped resist.
Complete the course with a body of work exploring the remarkable patterning potential of tannins, oxides, and indigo.

Online Workshop begins September 19th, 2022

This online workshop is designed to be done anywhere in the world - in your home or studio. It features a robust Q&A section with instructors directly answering student questions and one final live zoom event.

Read about your instructor Natalie Grambow

See what people are saying about Tannins, Oxides, & Indigo

Absolutely fabulous!  The palette and patterns created by the rust, tannins and indigo resonates with me in my own journey with colour and cloth, and I am looking forward to integrating these techniques into my practice. I am very grateful for how generously Natalie shared her experience, with such delight in her process and grace in her manner.
— Morgen

I echo everyone's comments on the wonderful quality of your teaching, clear instruction, and inspirational thoughts. I miss meeting in person, but we can learn at an amazing pace in the virtual world and experiment in our own time and space. Thank you for a world of inspiration.
 — Carrole

This course has opened up all my sensibilities from art, science and nature. I loved gathering the metal pieces, watching the development of rust, it was pure exploration in every module. I have learned so much from you and appreciate everything you and Maiwa have put together.
— Suzanne  

Ate breakfast in tears ! So much I want to say and share. Thank you all, thank you Natalie for everything, but especially for the affirmation that there are other ways of seeing and showing others what can be seen.
— Liza

Through this great journey with a calm, peacefull & so generous person, it is like listening to music and being part of nature.  Your teaching goes far beyond the techniques.  Thank you so much Natalie.
— Marie

This course has been just exactly what it should be for me!  It introduced me to new techniques (I am now constantly musing about whether something will rust), given us enough time to do each new technique and then repeat, and then encouraged us to mix and match.  Your examples have been clear and easy to follow, backed up by your responses to our questions.  I have loved every minute of this learning and am delighted with the results! In addition, you have been charming in the videos, and I feel like I know you.
— Jane

Thank you for all your hard work putting together such a wonderful class. The videos made me feel like I was in the room with you. You shared so much knowledge. It was nice to have a whole week to process it and take my time with each module. I enjoyed my Monday mornings watching the videos and planning my week. The 'clothes line' of samples on the wall of my studio give me so much inspiration.
— Patty

Natalie - your instruction and presentation has been akin to  a Bailey's in front of a warm fireplace.   Thank you.
 — Gwen

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Watch the Maiwa School of Textiles Trailer and Teaser below

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