This Summer – Dip Into Indigo – Get the best blues this summer

by - Thursday, June 30, 2022

Dip into indigo this summer with:

The Natural Indigo Fructose Kit

A great way to get started.  This kit is used for the 'Fruit Vat' the 'Banana Vat' and 'Fructose Vat'.  This kit contains 100g natural indigo, 250g fructose, 250g calx, and instructions.

Below: our video tutorial demonstrating our favourite indigo vat — the banana vat.

We believe in all forms of making,
  Now is always the best time to start — let's begin.

Shown: Our shaped resist kit is for simple shibori and itajime techniques. Comes with 40 wooden tongue depressors and 60 small elastic bands.

An indigo field in southern India

The Natural Indigo Fructose Kit joins our other popular indigo kits shown below...

The Ultimate Natural Indigo Kit
This kit includes two types of natural indigo - both are indigofera tinctoria.  225g of our fine ground natural indigo from India & 125g indigo chips from the Living Blue project in Bangladesh. Also includes 500g Calx, 250g Fructose, 250g Ferrous Sulfate, 100g Thioux & 20 pH strips.

The Natural Indigo Ferrous Sulfate Kit
A great way to get started.  This vat is reduced with ferrous sulfate and is sometimes known as the 'ferrous vat'.  This kit contains 100g natural indigo, 100g ferrous sulfate (iron), 250g calx & instructions.

The Natural Indigo Thiox Kit
A great way to get started.  This is our 'Workhorse Vat' and a good option if you want to do a lot of dyeing and not keep your indigo vat for long periods of time.  Thiourea Dioxide is the reducing agent used to reduce the indigo. 

Explore the gorgeous possibilities of dyeing with indigo. This stunning and practical handbook takes you through it all: growing the plant; mastering warm or cold dyeing with indigo, fructose, hydrosulfite, and fermented vats; making multicolored projects; and troubleshooting potential problems. Create intricate moyo-sashi and hitome-sashi embroidery, patchwork quilts, resist-dyed patterns, and more. Both beginners and experienced dyers will feel inspired to work with this wide range of innovative recipes and unique projects.

To our U.S. customers – don't forget that the exchange rate works in your favour, it's like an extra discount. 

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