Journeywoman – A collaboration between India Flint and Maiwa

by - Thursday, March 24, 2022

India Flint (author of Eco Colour - Botanical Dyes for Beautiful Textiles) wearing the Journeywoman Collection eco-printed herself.

The Journeywoman Collection of dyeable clothing
Shown: eco-printed by India Flint

Love of Linen Set - 7 Pieces

Wild Silk Set - 5 Pieces

In the years since Charllotte Kwon of Maiwa and India Flint first encountered each other at a natural dye conference in Hyderabad, India, they have discovered a multitude of shared passions. Besides an ongoing interest in good food, peonies, and natural dyes, both choose to wear timeless and comfortable natural fibre clothing that can traverse cultures.

We all know the rule of dressing for a journey. “Wear something your grandmother would approve of.” It is a surprisingly good rule — regardless of whether you are going to the continent or the sub continent, the old world or the new one.

On any day you can find India or Charllotte wearing beautiful loose coats over dresses over skirts; their feet encased in boots, comfy flats or sandals, forever a shawl draped around their shoulders, accompanied by the tinkle and glint of their favourite trinkets. They blend into landscapes wherever they go, in a look that can take them from city street to forest path; from shoreline to meadow; from planting to harvest, poetically pacing the perimeter of the garden.

India and Charllotte have put their heads together and collaborated to design the Journeywoman Collection. It’s a timeless design that will suit you whether you’re an Earth Goddess or Wood Sprite. Lovingly produced in a range of fabrics including stalwart handwoven linen and luxurious handspun handwoven mulberry silk, the cloth is ready to be embellished with stitch, appliqué, print, or dye.
— Cut from cloth that carries memories of the makers  —
These garments are delivered undyed and sewn with cotton thread. They are ready to receive your colour. They are a beautiful canvas awaiting the stitches and patterns that move your heart, or you can wear them as they are. Add extra pockets if you need, extend the length, embellish the edges. These simple timeless clothes will serve you well from here to there, wherever you go and whoever you are.

The Journeywoman Collection of dyeable clothing
Shown: eco-printed by India Flint

Shown: Wonderlust Coat and Wildflower Camise in Linen.

The Journeywoman Collection of dyeable clothing
Shown: eco-printed by India Flint

Shown: Westward Shimmy and Khula Skirt in Linen.

The Journeywoman Collection of dyeable clothing
Shown: eco-printed by India Flint

For embellishing these natural garments we recommend natural fibres like our Honest Yarn Organic Linen in Cobweb weight - Natural Undyed and White Undyed


India's inspirations for dyeing, embellishing and personalizing
your Maiwa 'journeywoman' wardrobe.

See The Journeywoman's Second Skin Workshop Here The journeywoman slips her wayfinder smock over her wiseheart shift, shrugs on her wanderlust surcoat, wraps a shawl around her shoulders, whistles up a friendly wind and steps out into the whirled.

If the wind is fierce, she wears her weaver trousies underneath. If the gales are arctic or the night is cold or she needs to escape without baggage, she can wear them all together…westward shimmy and weaver pants under a rustling wind-dancer skirt topped by wiseheart shift, wildflower camise and wayfinder smock; all enfolded by the wanderlust surcoat with a change of undergarments in a pocket and a toothbrush in another.

The journeywoman travels light. She dyes her clothes with leaves that she finds, mordants them in puddles (or the ocean), strengthens them in indigo.

This masterclass-in-your pocket guides you through personalizing this lifelong wardrobe.

To our U.S. customers – don't forget that the exchange rate works in your favour, it's like an extra discount. 

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