Indigo in the Forest – A Dyer's Getaway

by - Thursday, December 09, 2021


On a dyer's weekend in the woods, one colour stands out:
Natural Indigo Blue

The indigo vat is one of the most satisfying ways to get colour on cloth. For thousands of years using indigo has been a magical experience.

Working outside, we used simple shaped resist techniques to add pattern to our dyed cloth.

We prepared the vat – using Maiwa's easy to follow instructions at

We also combined indigo with other dyes we used on our Natural Dyer's Getaway to achieve variations and rich complex shades.

Multiple dips are combined with the resist patterns to create an astonishing play of colour.

Colour sings in the forest. Natural dyes are a way to experience your environment in new and intimate ways. Reimagine the natural world.

You can make your studio anywhere. Here are some of our supplies that we brought along with us.

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