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Natural dye on organic cotton; printed using hand-placed wooden blocks in the traditional method. Each piece is a square of crafted brilliance. These naturally dyed bandanas have many different uses: wear them around your neck or tied in your hair; they make the most colourful bundles, they cover a small table nicely, or set a spot for lunch. Anywhere a square of cloth is useful: a block printed bandana.

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Ajrakh is a traditional block printing technique that has been practiced for centuries. Natural dyes are used to create eloquent geometric patterns on cotton that reveal a remarkable play between figure and line.  

Blocks are hand-carved from hardwood and then used in a printing process that can involve between thirteen and twenty-one distinct steps. The many processes of scouring, washing, printing, dyeing, and final washing can take up to three weeks to complete. Much of the beauty and depth of ajrakh cloth comes from the intricacy of the imprint that is left by the artisans hand. Instantly recognizable—there is nothing like an ajrakh.


The fabled pink city of Jaipur sits at the centre of a cluster of traditional block printing communities. For centuries patterns have been created by dipping carved hardwood blocks into dyes and resists in an elaborate process that is complicated and time-consuming. It is also a source of great pride for the artisans who still practice it. These block printers are also masters of the Dabu process - a unique mud resist that is only found in this area.

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