This Summer – The Ink Making Workshop

by - Tuesday, April 20, 2021

JUNE 2021

Enrolment opens May 3rd at 10am (pacific time)

- 21 documentary-style instructional videos.
- Work with a wide range of materials including indigo, carbon black,
cochineal, weld, gum Arabic and shellac.
- Learn about ink making as a way to explore materials.
- Consider the history of writing and ink and the future of your own
creative practice.

See what people are saying about the first Ink Making workshop...

This has been the most wonderful course. The videos are SO well put together (even my partner's ears will perk up when he hears the opening theme music and he'll come over to watch for a purely aesthetic experience :)). Instructions are easy to follow, and I love how you provide historical background on the dyes, as well as the important how-tos.

The course has whet my appetite for ink-making and has also flooded me with creative inspiration. I would absolutely recommend future iterations of this course to others. 
— Madeleine 

Thanks for a great workshop.  It is a wonderful way to learn and the creativity in the making of the videos is  inspiring.
— Mary

Artwork and photo: Shirley Wong

I wanted to let you know how seamless you have made this learning experience for me. Your knowledge, print and video instruction was very clear and concise. I'm happy with all of the inks made through the various processes/techniques and supplies suggested. I can't wait for the next module to drop and look forward to a follow-up course in the near future!
— Shirley 

Thank you for an amazing class! This is by far the best online class I have taken.  So thoughtful in the design, pacing, materials and Q&A format. And so very beautifully produced. I look forward to coming to Vancouver again one day and visiting your shops and hopefully taking a class in person. But in the meantime, I look forward to more online classes with you! Thank you so much for all your wonderful efforts in making this such a great class.
— Fran

I teared up a little, watching that last video - I think that's the first time a workshop has left such an emotional impression. Bravo. I absolutely loved this workshop. The format works very well, I learned a lot, I'm inspired, and it was quite soothing to watch - something I really appreciate right now. 
— Fazia

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