Comfort & Pattern — Embroidered Cushion Covers

by - Tuesday, November 17, 2020

For centuries embroidery has been an expression of personality ...
Over the years, working with needle and thread has been, by far, the most enduring form of personal expression: adorning cloth, piecing it together, adding strength and embellishment. In India, embroidery patterns can be so distinct that a child can recognize someone from their village just by the stitch-work on their clothing.

Maiwa has collaborated with artisans to bring the most skillful work into the modern world. The items below all have one thing in common. They were designed to showcase needlework in a way that can be used on a daily basis.

12" CUSHION COVER – Mirrored
16" CUSHION COVER – Golden Birds
24" CUSHION COVER – Sacred

The proud stitch-heritage of the Kachchh region shows in every thread of these embroideries. Many ethnic groups are famous for their needlework: Dhebaria and Kutchi Rabari, Dhanetah Jats, Sodha Rajputs, and Mutwa. Each group has a traditional repertoire of figure and motif. These embroideries bring the richness of desert cultures into your hands — heirlooms for the future.


A semi-nomadic group found throughout the Indian subcontinent, are renowned for their highly colourful textiles. Embellished with mirrors, shells, & intricate embroidery, Banjara work displays a surprisingly modern aesthetic. It’s a celebration of the strength of the women who practice it.

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