Hand-Forged Bells from the Heart of the Desert

by - Monday, August 24, 2020

Forged with simple hand tools. Fired in a kiln. Individually tuned until the bell maker is satisfied that the tone is clear and true. These bells are what turn a flock of sheep into an orchestra. Available online so that you can take the music home with you.

These bells range in size from only an inch to almost a foot high. All the bells, regardless of size, give a music that comes directly from the heart of the Indian desert.



Meet the artisan bellmakers of the Kachchh Desert.

Craftspeople use a stake anvil buried in the sand. With hammers and snips they fashion sheet metal into the desired form. Once the bell is shaped it is dipped into a mixture of flux, brass and copper filings. The entire bell is then covered with a clay coating to keep the finish in place while being fired.


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