What's that you're carrying? What's in your bag?

by - Tuesday, July 21, 2020


The necessities of life — sometimes they are better contained inside somthing that is ... well ... a little more stylish.  Hard drives, cables, earbuds all can be packed away into a handmade leather pouch. As we often say, these leather items age heroically. Daily use makes them take on a noble character, just like the tools these artisans use to make these items. An embroidered pouch is another option that adds colour, pattern, and stitch to your day. 


A Writer Always Has Her Tools With Her

A writer's best tools are curiosity and observation. But pens and notebooks come in handy too. Our embroidered pouches are just the right size to carry your favourite pens and a passport-sized notebook. A number of Maiwa staff write, draw, and even make their own ink. When they do they carry their tools in one of these embroidered pouches.


Maiwa has worked closely with the Artisan's Alliance of Jawaja for over twenty years. We have worked on product development and collaborations with other artisans. Most recently we have combined the skills of the Jawaja Leatherworkers with Banjara embroidery. While the cotton lining of many of the bags is traditionally block printed by the Dabu mud resist method.


The proud stitch-heritage of the Kachchh region shows in every thread of these embroideries. Many ethnic groups are famous for their needlework: Dhebaria and Kutchi Rabari, Dhanetah Jats, Sodha Rajputs, and Mutwa. Each group has a traditional repertoire of figure and motif. These embroideries bring the richness of desert cultures into your hands — heirlooms for the future.


The Banjara,­ a semi-nomadic group found throughout the Indian subcontinent, are renowned for their highly colourful textiles. Embellished with mirrors, shells, & intricate embroidery, Banjara work displays a surprisingly modern aesthetic. It’s a celebration of the strength of the women who practice it.

To our U.S. customers – don't forget that the exchange rate works in your favour, it's like an extra discount.

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