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by - Monday, September 09, 2019


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Featuring top artisans & craftspeople from around the world.

Tickets purchased online after August 19th will be held at the door.

Tickets available online at schooloftextiles.com
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One of India's finest hand weavers, heir to centuries of traditional skill. Shamji Vishram Vankar is also one of six brothers who are leading a hand-weaving revival. Join Shamji as he talks techniques, skills, family, tradition, natural dyes and more ...

In Japan tied resist is known as shibori, in India it is called bandhani. Indian tied resist has developed an astonishing vocabulary of patterns involving variations and techniques to produce multiple colours. Join Brothers Jabbar and Abdullah Khatri as they lead the audience through the history and future of this art as it is practiced in the desert city of Bhuj.

It is a surprising fact that image-based social media has ignited a return to calligraphy and pen work. A new generation is taking on the hand-made script. They are also rethinking  ink and pigment production as artisans. Join Maiwa's Tim McLaughlin as he maps the creative landscape and shares some of his own ink-making secrets. 

After a decade following the strict ceremonial weaving protocols of the Haida and Kwakwaka’wakw people, Meghann O᾽Brien is excited to share a point of change in understanding as her practice stretches to transform and occupy twenty-first-century space. 

Through her work, Heywood-Jones strives to convey notions of slow loss and transformation, examining the metamorphic nature of human, vegetal, and geological expressions of existence. She uses methods of structure found within weaving and natural dyeing practices to make sense of the world, to give form to chaos, to create wordless poetry.

The artisans we know are heroic figures. Champions of a way of life that has creativity at its very centre. They are often beset by larger forces outside of their control - and yet artisan work continues and creativity flourishes. Join Charllotte and Tim for a look at the nature of creativity, design, art, and craft in this fascinating and thought provoking lecture.

This is the THREADS lecture delivered on behalf of the Maiwa Foundation. As is usual everything in the Maiwa Store will be 20% off and all proceeds go to the Maiwa Foundation.


Weaving. Block printing. Bandhani. An exhibition of exceptional work being done by some of India’s most accomplished contemporary artisans.

“Noren” is the name given to traditional Japanese cloth dividers that hang in doorways and windows. Noren artist Yoko Kano once took on, as a personal project, the creation of noren for every business in a historic Japanese town. 

The works in this exhibit will feature both traditional and contemporary designs. Yoko is assisted by her daughter Kazuho Kano (who will also be present at the opening).

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