Instructor Highlight - Natalie Grambow and Cat Bordhi

by - Tuesday, January 08, 2019


Cat Bordhi is known for her inventive, playful, and fresh contributions to hand-knitting technique and design. She began sharing her pioneering sock architectures and techniques in a series of books and videos in 2001. Cat introduced Moebius knitting with the 70 mesmerizing designs in her two Treasuries of Magical Knitting. Her other books include Versatildes: A New Landscape for Knitters and The Art of Felfs—Felted Footwear for Families (which has raised over $72,000 to support cancer research). She also wrote an award-winning novel, Treasure Forest. Currently she is working on three books, one on fingerless mitts, another on MoMo Cowls (a leap forward in Moebius design), and the third on portable pockets.

This is your chance to knit and purl with one of the brightest lights in the knitting world. Students repeatedly remark that a class with Cat Bordhi opened up a new world of possibility for what knitting can be.


FEB 8–10 (FRI–SUN) 10AM–4PM

These garter-stitch-based fingerless mitts are a marvel of flowing textures, colour-work, and edge treatments.

It is easy to fit these mitts to the hands of any child or adult. Students often comment that this is the first fingerless mitt that really fits. They are knit flat in garter stitch, with designs around the wrist and a nearly invisible side seam that is knit, not sewn. Any mitt can become cuffs by eliminating the thumb and shortening the hand and arm; these cuffs can even become sweater cuffs. Less than one skein of DK or light worsted weight yarn will make a pair of mitts, or several pairs of shorter cuffs. 



Natalie is one of our most skilled and popular instructors. Each year Natalie teaches a number of workshops for Maiwa. Students find her approachable, supportive, and a natural problem solver.  She is up for any creative challenge.

Natalie has an extensive background in design, teaching, and textile arts. An accredited interior designer, she spent many years in Ottawa working within the architectural design field and teaching design theory. Natalie’s first deep exploration of textiles began during her visual arts/photography studies at the University of Ottawa when she experimented with non-silver techniques of transferring photographic imagery onto cloth. She subsequently studied at the École d’Impression Textile à Montréal and later travelled to Asia and Latin America, where she spent six months learning to weave with local Mayan weavers in Guatemala. Shortly after completing the Textile Arts program at Capilano College, she was awarded the BC Craft Association’s Award of Excellence. Natalie has exhibited her textile art installations in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and on the Sunshine Coast. She has also developed a line of naturally dyed and printed fabrics and has been commissioned by such clients as the City of North Vancouver. Currently living in Roberts Creek, BC, she continues her art practice and studies from her studio.


FEB 8–10 (FRI–SUN) 10AM–4PM

In this highly creative workshop suitable for both the novice and the experienced artist, participants will be guided through the steps of making an art cloth. The workshop will explore a number of pattern-making techniques, including block-printing, mono-printing, hand-painting, stencilling, screen-printing, and mark-making. In addition, collage and piecing with image transfers, antiquing, washes, and finishing will be covered. Students will complete several inspiring projects, including a finished art cloth. 
The finished works can be used as floor coverings (floorcloth), wall mounted in traditional frames, used as table runners, hung as posters, or combined into other projects.

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