Indigo Sutra in the News

by - Tuesday, August 07, 2018

In 2017 Maiwa gave a presentation, chaired a panel discussion, and conducted a full-day workshop at the Indigo Sutra conference in Kolkata, India. Hali Magazine has now published Jenny Balfour-Paul's summary of that event with the following lead:

The cultivation of indigo dye across the Indian subcontinent is growing. From 9-12 November last year, an international event on the revival and resurgence of natural indigo—Indigo Sutra—was held in Kolkata. It aimed to ‘create awareness of reviving the cultivation of indigo in Bengal and other places where it had stopped due to political unrest or other reasons and also to encourage the use of natural indigo dyeing using natural methods’. Here, its chief advisor and author of three books on indigo, Jenny Balfour Paul, recounts her experience there, ahead of the making of a Channel 4 news programme on the subject this autumn, which came about as a result.

Read the full article on the Hali Magazine website.

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