Only a few wholesale lots left of our honest yarn

by - Thursday, June 07, 2018

With only a few wholesale lots left they won't be around for long. 
5 skeins each of 18 colours, all in a single weight (that's 90 skeins in all).
Our wholesale pricing is approximately 50% off.
Available weights: Cobweb, Fingering, Lace, Sport. 


After years of working with artisan weavers and knitters, Maiwa has developed its own line of yarns. These yarns are everything we have been looking for in a spun fibre.

Maiwa's Honest Yarns - the voice of craft.

Cobweb –  Our lightest weight yarn. A 40/2 weight yarn — beautiful for weaving projects or for fine knitting and crochet lace. It loves being thrown in a shuttle and makes and ideal weft.
Lace – Great for fine knitting and crochet: summer shawls, lace projects, open work, and fine warm weather garments.
Fingering – Great for fine knitting and crochet.
Sport – The heaviest in our series of naturally dyed linen. Project suggestions include a market bag, draped summer sweaters, spring top, woven dish towels.


All natural fibres have their virtues. Silk is elegant. Cotton is hard-working. Wool cares for you and keeps you warm. But linen … linen is the reward. Linen has a singular character and gives a hand to fabric that is unlike anything else. It rewards the skillful weaver, knitter, dyer and artisan. 
Linen is one of the more challenging fibres to dye naturally, especially to dye well. But we feel we've nailed it. Beautiful rich jewel-like tones that are both deep and even. Lighter colours that are consistent, level, and delicate without being weak. Colours that are as satisfying to work with as the act of creating.

And now, we've taken linen yarns a step further with our new weight: Cobweb. Our lightest weight yet. These fine linen yarns are the most challenging to dye. We are more than a little proud to share them with you.

Our linen Honest Yarns are available at:
Maiwa Supply on Granville Island 7 days a week between 10am and 7pm
And Online at

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