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by - Thursday, February 01, 2018

Colour on yarn — it has motivated artisans for centuries. Yarns - especially wools - are extremely satisfying to dye. There is no feeling quite like dipping a hank of yarn into a dyepot and having them soak up colour.

This is a comprehensive workshop packed with project that explore dyeing, overdyeing, and direct application. Students leave with a complement of yarns dyed by their own hand ready to take into their next project. Read full description.

For the clothing designer, working from the block is an invaluable skill. Take your creativity up a notch with this pattern drafting workshop. Read full description.

Its all in the details. In this case the ages-old skill of hand-sewing. Be guided by an the experienced and energetic Sheila Wong and find out just how much the human hand can do.  Read full description.

Five full days with UK textile artist Michael Brennand-Wood. This workshop is designed for artists who what a creative mentoring experience. Well-known for his constructions and art installations, Michael Brennand-Wood is a experienced teacher who can lead and inspire students to focus on their own projects.  Read full description.

The garden might seem months away right now, but by May there will be plentiful growth, anxious to share its colour. This workshop will lead you through the art of creating colour from the plants that are close at hand.  Read full description.

Dyeing and sewing go hand-in-hand. In this creative workshop, students will dye quality linen fabric with indigo and then use the fabric dyed by their own hand to create finished projects. The best of both worlds. Read full description.

Some of the most powerful embroidery in the world comes from the tribal communities of India. Learn the stitch vocabulary and pattern techniques of the Banjara. You'll never think of needle and thread in quite the same way again. Read full description.

There are also one or more openings in these workshops.
We don't expect these spaces to last.

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