Spring 2018 Featured Textile Workshops

by - Friday, January 12, 2018

Pure Substance - Unpredictable Pattern

Discover the wonder of rusts - oxides of copper and iron - to transform fabric with incredibly textured patterns. Sometime as gentle as a watercolour wash, sometimes as saturated as a pure burst of pigment. 
This ground-breaking workshop will lead students through a number of projects on silks, cottons, wool knit, and paper. Using contact printing, immersion dyeing, tannin, oxides and indigo, students will open up an entirely new world of working with materials and cloth. Read full description.


Dyeing for Knitters

Colour on yarn — it has motivated artisans for centuries. Yarns - especially wools - are extremely satisfying to dye. There is no feeling quite like dipping a hank of yarn into a dyepot and having them soak up colour. 

This is a comprehensive workshop packed with project that explore dyeing, overdyeing, and direct application. Students leave with a complement of yarns dyed by their own hand ready to take into their next project. Read full description.



Introduction to Dyes

Art is about colour. For creative textile artists that means learning to dye. Natalie Grambow's Introduction to Dyes is one of our most sought after workshop for people looking to understand how and why to use the wealth of dye types available. Natalie Grambow is one of our most experienced instructors and few can match the depth and breadth of her knowledge of textile techniques. Thinking about learning how to dye? This workshop is for you. Read full description.


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