Warm Shawls for Winter Now in!

by - Thursday, November 09, 2017


A length of cloth is a field of possibility - both for the maker and the owner. 

These shawls showcase the immense creativity that artisans have taken in approaching every aspect of the shawl. Right from the moment the spinner grasps multiple fibres between her fingers and begins to work with them there is an excitement and joy in creating. That spark is captured in fibre choices (including wild silks) weaving construction (including supplemental wefts) and finishing (including stitching narrow weaves together).

These shawls are as versatile as they are beautiful — wrapped around you to stay warm, or even spread on a bed or sofa to showcase creativity and skill.

These shawls will always be remembered - like a love letter from far away.
Warm Regards - from Maiwa


These shawls are created by a number of artisan communities in the Kutch Desert of India where generations of skill and mastery are passed down in the spinning of the threads, the warping of the looms and the weaving of the cloth.

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