2 New Ajrakh Collection From India

by - Wednesday, April 12, 2017

From Dhamadka and Ajrakhpur

The full collection of 20 patterns and colours is available in-store at our Granville Island location with selected pieces available online.

Ajrakh is the name of a cloth that has been blockprinted in the traditional method using natural dyes such as indigo, madder, and pomegranate. The ajrakh process is a long one, involving several steps of washing and scouring the cloth, then additional steps to mordant the cloth, and still more steps as each colour is either directly blockprinted or resist blockprinted with natural dyes. the order is of utmost importance as the layers of colour are built up and the traditional geometric ajrakh patterns emerge.

 Producing an ajrakh involves entire communities: block cutters, dye farmers (for the many natural dyeplants), cloth merchants, and of course, the ajrakh craftspeople themselves (those who mordant, print, dye and design the cloth). While we assist in procurement of raw materials, maintaining high standards of quality, and product finishing, designs remain the realm of the craftsperson.

From Maharashtra


We have just started working with a new group of Maharashtra block printers. A selection of one-of-a-kind contemporary ajrakh scarves and shawls like the two images above are available in-store at our Granville Island location.

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