India Flint opens the 2016 Maiwa School of Textiles Symposium

by - Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Being (t)here with India Flint
Ochres, leaves, string, bundles, landscapes, maps ... the intimate territory of pattern. All were touched upon in India Flint's opening lecture: "being (t)here." India introduced us to her muse and explained how she is constantly making and exploring; regardless of whether she is in a hotel room in a strange city, exploring the tundra, walking her native Australia, or attempting to collect mineral pigments from a precipitous slope by a river far, far from home.

The audience had the opportunity to look at some of India's creations, a limited number of which were on sale during the lecture.

Sophena Kwon
The evening was introduced by Maiwa's own Sophena Kwon, who has just wrapped up teaching her workshop Journey Into Indigo with Danielle Bush.

Charllotte Kwon
Maiwa School of Textiles founder Charllotte Kwon introduced this years lecture series with two readings from "Revisiting a Quiet Manifesto" the newly released publication that documents Maiwa's 30th Anniversary. You can read more about it in our previous post here.

September 14 is our next lecture - Christine Mauersberger

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