New Jewellery in the Maiwa Store

by - Friday, February 19, 2016

Maiwa is a place of many talented staff. One of our own, Melodie Borosevich, has designed and made a jewellery line based loosely on tribal styles. Worked in silver, her designs are a thoroughly modern reinterpretation with clean lines and elegant curves.

Maiwa is pleased to have a selection of her pieces for sale in the main store on Granville Island.

Above, Melodie Borosevich's jewellery worn by Ja Pace who has modeled Maiwa clothing for our photo shoots and fashion shows. Photographed by another Maiwa staff, Tim McLaughlin.

See more photos on Maiwa's instagram feed:
Tim's instagram feed:
or Melodie's instagram feed:

Or see the real thing in the Main Maiwa Store.

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