New York Artist to Teach at Maiwa

by - Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Workshop with Leading Textile Artist and Instructor Barbara Todd
Barbara Todd
With one foot planted firmly in the world of craft and one foot in the world of art, Barbara Todd works through personal and social issues with her quilts. Using historical stitch patterns overlaid on quiet fabric and minimally detailed, Barbara binds simple traditions with simple images creating profound statements about the complexities of life. 

Traditionally quilts have layers of cloth–Barbara’s quilts are constructed with not only cloth, but also layers of meaning. Every stitch binds her ideas into the cloth that she carefully chooses. Barbara divides her time between New York, and Montreal–where she teaches Studio Art at Concordia University–her work is featured in museums, private collections and in large-scale public commissions, in Canada and the U.S. An interdisciplinary artist best known for her innovative, quilted textile works, Barbara marries a minimalist aesthetic to a poetic and politicized sensibility. 

A few spaces have opened up in her four day workshop from October 6th-9th where participants will create collage squares, exploring how individual fabrics and combinations work together through colour and contrast.

Don’t miss this chance to learn from one of North America’s leading textile artists and instructors. Barbara will also be giving a lecture Stone Drawings and Quilted Lines on Monday, October 5th.

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