Maiwa at Shakerag

by - Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Maiwa is down in Sewanee, Tennessee, teaching at the Shakerag Workshops. Here Charllotte and Sophena Kwon pose beside the poster for their workshop and pop-up shop.

The Shakerag workshops are well known in the international craft community. The workshops are named after Shakerag Hollow, itself named after a custom of going into the hollow and shaking a rag at the moonshiner who lived there. The customer would leave money in a tree stump. When they returned the money would be gone and a jug of moonshine would be in its place.

There is no moonshine in the dye course. But there is an intoxicating array of natural colours all dyed on natural fibres. Both Charllotte and Sophena will be teaching this fall at the 2015 Maiwa Textile Symposium. Registration opens Monday June 22nd at 10am.

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