Workshop: Decorative Mending

by - Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Registration Opens June 22 at 10am.

2015 Maiwa Textile Symposium
Workshop: Decorative Mending
Sivia Harding

$140 includes 40 lab fee
October 13 - Class Limit 12
Maiwa Loft: Above the Net Loft, Granville Is. Vancouver BC

Never thought that mending your knits could be creative? Come and celebrate your worn or damaged knits in a new way. From vintage books on mending to the Japanese Boro Boro techniques that celebrate the beauty in something preciously old and frayed, I introduce and show you the traditional, then take you into the world of decorative mending where texture and colour meet. When knitting is used to mend knits, you can transform damaged areas into beautiful and whimsical design elements. Use your imagination to choose colours and interesting stitches to embellish what was once a sad hole or worn elbow into a new object of pride!

This workshop includes a slide show of historic and modern examples of mended textiles.

Instructor Bio

Sivia Harding says knitted lace is her first and enduring love. As a teacher, Sivia appeals to the creative spirit, and few can remain untouched by her verve and passion for her subjects. In her classes, technique, though important, is a means to an end, which is always the delight of following the joyful knitting muse wherever it may lead.

Sivia’s classes and workshops are often built around making a particular project, but only as a jumping off place for discussions on all sorts of related knitterly things. Students will often find themselves inspired to experiment outside the realm of the original project, sometimes coming up with highly original designs of their own as a result.

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