Review - Layers of Life

by - Friday, October 17, 2014

Kyoko Ueda contemplates a question on the origin of her work after her lecture "Layers of Life."

In her introduction, Kyoko explained that she turned 60 this year.

"In Japan, 60 is the age people celebrate as a huge landmark year and receive presents. People often wear something red or choose something red for the occasion.

"60 years is considered to be the unit of one big cycle of life. So it is the time to go back to when you were born, and life begins newly again. Red at this time represents the beginning and is a happy colour ...

Kyoko took the audience through her unique artistic practice which involves the use of silk gauze layered many times. The resulting objects have great depth and intensity, but also a strange lightness that makes them unlike anything else. Kyoko also talked about her inspiration and how she moves ideas from installation sized pieces to wearable items such as shawls and scarves.

The lecture was translated by Yuki Blackwell who will also be assisting in Kyoko's workshops.

Yuki and Kyoko during the Q and A after the lecture.

Kyoko's work goes on exhibition tonight (Friday October 17th) at the Silk Weaving Studio on Granville Island in a two-person show titled "Sound of Nature." Kyoko is exhibing with Noriko Narahira.

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