The Real Heirlooms - now is your chance.

by - Monday, January 27, 2014

A rare opportunity to aquire a

50% Off 
The Quilts of Living Blue
Jan 28 - Feb 9

These are the real heirlooms. Handloom textiles that can be passed down for generations.
The quilts from the Living Blue cooperative in Bangladesh begin with threads of handspun cotton, the threads are then woven on handlooms into fabric. This gentle cloth is then stitch resist dyed in natural indigo grown by Living Blue. Finally the layers of cotton are quilt stitched together in row after row of exquisite hand work.

In addition to the very popular indigo quilts we have a selection of white on white 
kantha quilts. Some have figures worked entirely in white, others have added subtle touches
of colour into the quilting. Some of these are truly regal - the perfect
showpiece for a guest room.

To fund our ongoing work in Bangladesh
we are selling the work of Living Blue at 50% off.
Proceeds from these pieces goes to the Maiwa Foundation.

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