Review: Adrienne Sloane - Unravelling Political Knitting

by - Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Last night Adrienne Sloane took the symposium through a history of knitting with intent. From helping the war effort it the two world wars - "Knit your Bit," to the original yarn bombs - knitted covers to incendiary explosives made in the second world war: Adrienne offered a far reaching reinterpretation of an act that most perceive as one of the most benign. Knitting. 

The talk concluded with some visuals from Adrienne's own award winning practice and a lively question and answer. You can see Adrienne's work online here:

Adrienne will teach two workshops during her visit to Vancouver: Sculptural Knitting and Wire Knitting.

Next up: India Flint Thursday September 19. Sold out. 

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