Slow Clothes at the Harmony Arts Festival

by - Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Harmony Arts Festival takes place in West Vancouver during August 2 -11. Located in the ocean front park below 14th, 15th and 16th streets, it is a fantastic location.

There is a lot going on in the Festival, but we'd like to draw your attention to two events taking place on August 6th as part of the ArtSpeaks series.

The first, Slow Clothes: The Art of Fashion will be presented by Harmony Arts and Wearable Arts Vancouver. Taking place on the Pacific Arbour Garden Stage in Millennium Park with seating in the Grosvenor Lounge, this event starts at 12:30pm and runs until 1:30pm. No charge. However, seating is limited. The lounge is open to serve food and drinks.

The fashion show presents one-of-a-kind artist made garments and accessories by well-know North Shore and Metro Vancouver fibre artists.

The second event is a lecture by Maiwa founder Charllotte Kwon - Waiting for the Monsoon: Slow Clothes in India. The presentation takes place at 3pm in the Ferry Building Gallery and includes a short film shot by Kwon in India. She outlines the presentation as follows:
The slow movement first appeared as a reaction against fast food culture. It has since expanded to challenge everything from tourism to clothing. Slow clothes are made with an eye to the human impact of clothing production rather than the need to race to meet a fashion trend. 
Before there was a term for what it was doing, Maiwa looked to employ traditional dyers, blockprinters, weavers, and artisans in the production of quality garments that could compete in the world market. This approach has led to many long-term relationships with communities of traditional artisans.
Again the event is free but seating is limited. Visit the Harmony Arts website for full details.

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