Curious Objects at Maiwa East

by - Thursday, June 20, 2013

Maiwa East

New to the store - rare and curious objects.

Strange and beautiful, odd or unusual, 

we have received many remarkable things.  

Here is just a sample ...

Antique keys to unlock the past.
Quirky individuals that used to fit into ancient padlocks. $14.95 each.

We have received another selection of scissors.
Many of these have seen a lifetime of work in a tailor's hands.
 Some have etchings on the blades to say where the steel came from or who the scissor maker was.
Prices start at $19.95.

Brass and steel ladels. We think that these are beautiful forms, individually and in a collection.
Previously used for cooking, or measuring out grains and oils. Prices start at $19.95.

Brass door pulls. 3-4 inches wide, these door pulls are solid brass.
Elephants or Ganesh, auspicious ornaments for your home's entryway. Prices $59.95 and up.

Maiwa East

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10am - 5 pm
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Vancouver Canada

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