WORKSHOP The Photo Emulsion Screenprint

by - Thursday, April 04, 2013

Registration Opens June 24 at 10am

2013 Maiwa Textile Symposium
Anne Babchuk

$250 includes 80 lab fee
September 12, 13, 2013 - Class Limit 14
Maiwa East: 1310 Odlum Drive, Vancouver BC

Screenprinting is an invaluable process for textile artists.  It is also the perfect technique for doing multiples on cloth. The photo emulsion allows the artist to “expose” a screen just like a photographic negative, giving great versatility in the types of images that can be used.

This two-day class takes the mystery out of the photo emulsion process. It provides a solid foundation for those considering a screenprinting business or for those using the screenprint as a design element in textile projects. 

Each student will understand the steps necessary to prepare an image, adhere it to a high quality screen, and use that screen to print on fabric. 

All printing will be done on 100% natural fibres using Setacolor fabric paint. Participants will learn to print  materials such as T-shirts and yardage on a variety of textile weights (cotton, silk, linen). Using a variety of single-pull techniques, students will explore solid one-colour printing, repeating patterns, rainbow printing, and registration. Participants will also learn how to reclaim screens for a change of imagery. 

Anne will explain the different approaches needed to use screen printing for natural dyes and synthetic dyes.

Instructor Bio

Anne Babchuk has been a resident instructor for the Maiwa Textile Workshops for the past 18 years. She has taught classes in a wide range of traditional and contemporary surface design processes. Some specialties are: natural dyeing and printing, indigo dyeing, shibori, blockprinting, and precision dyeing.

Anne studied fine art at Okanagan University. To fund her education she started her own home-based textile business. She feels her greatest education has come through working for Maiwa Handprints, taking workshops from world-class instructors, and travelling.

Currently she archives and maintains the Maiwa Textile Collection and Library. She is also a trustee of the Maiwa Foundation and co-ordinator for the Maiwa Textile Symposium.

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