Handwoven Bengal Triple-Layer Shawl

by - Monday, January 23, 2012

These have just arrived in the Maiwa store on Granville Island. Handwoven triple-layer shawls from Bengal. The top two layers feature a "thumb-weave" made by the weaver pressing his thumb into the warp as he weaves the cloth. The bottom, full-width layer, is a beautifully soft merino wool. Above this sits a three-quarter width layer of cotton mixed with zari (to give just a little shimmer) and above this is a half-width layer of cotton.

We like to hold these shawls up as a beautiful example of techniques that can only be done by hand. These shawls give endless possibilities - any of the three layers can be shown, or they can be twisted to bunch up all three layers and keep you cozy warm. $189 only at the Granville Island Store. Available in a variety of colour combinations.

Come down and see on Granville Island - the artisan heart of Vancouver. Open 10 - 7 every day of the week. 

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  1. They are absolutely beautiful, I love the colours!


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